Solution-IV Accounting Software

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Solution-IV® Accounting software helps solve your Business needs with a completely integrated accounting solution. The system provides a seamless integration and sharing of common data between the Accounting Modules. Solution-IV is GAAP compliant and ready to run “off the shelf” or custom tailored to meet your business needs.


Solution-IV Reprographics handles all of the square foot calculation, special pricing, project and Job tracking and interfacing to Salesforce, JobCenter, Sepialine and Midnight Print.

Retail Sports and Team Sales

Solution-IV RTS is built to support all the Matrix inventory including Color/Size Inventory, Purchase Order, and Sales orders and job tracking.


What's New!

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay enables your customers to make on-line credit card payments against open Solution-IV invoices.
Customers log into a secure site, select to pay any or all invoices, enter credit card information and receive payment confirmation.

  • Receive payments faster
  • Customers can pay on-line 24/7
  • Customers can pay multiple invoices
  • Payments posted directly to customers account

On-line Bill Pay

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Solution-IV Key POS Features

• Process all Type of Items, Stocking, Non-stocking, Matrix and Returns
• Sell by Different Unit of Measures
• Retail and Team Pricing
• Line Discount
• Taxable/Non Taxable transactions
• Petty Cash Transactions
• Process Payments for Invoices
• Order Deposits
• Credit Cards, Gift Cards
• Rewards Program