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Critical Alert, Action Required

The Issue...

We've discovered an issue with 8.8.0 Basic™, WebBasic, and Network DataServer™ that requires a field update. An EXTRACT specifying a KEY resets the IND pointer to 0. If a subsequent WRITE without specifying a KEY is done on the same channel, the record data may be associated with the wrong key.

This is primarily a 3GL Basic problem. OPENworkshop® and Script-IV™ do not generate code with the above scenario and, therefore, are not affected by this issue.

The Remedy...

A patched Basic is available for download. If you are using a DataServer, it needs to be patched as well and is included in the download. Ideally, users should exit Basic before applying the patch - but it is not mandatory. Existing Basic users will continue to run the original Basic until they exit and the next time they start Basic, they will be running the new executable.

Before downloading and applying the patch - make sure you are running production 8.8.0 Basic and the license is already activated. Applying the patch below will not require a new activation.

Click here for the update and use the following information get to the download page:


Depending on the product, choose from the following values for the Order number:

ProductOrder Number
WebServer Basic:880WEB
TS XML DataServer:880XML

Just download the platform for your system. If it is Windows, the download is a zip file. If it is UNIX/Linux, the download is a tar file (.tar extension) or a cpio file (no extension).

UNIX/Linux -
The downloaded file includes a basic.uni and install. The file includes the install for the DataServer, if applicable for your installation.

  1. Find your current basic executable and rename it (mv basic basic.old).
  2. Extract the contents of downloaded file.
  3. Copy the install and basic.uni to the same path as the original basic.
  4. Execute ./install.

If you need the dataserver, repeat the above steps.

Windows -
The zip file contains b.exe. Network Basics will also include tsserv.exe.

  1. cd c:\Program Files (x86)\tbsc
  2. Rename b.exe to b_old.exe (repeat with tsserv.exe for Network Basic installs)
  3. Restore b.exe from the zip download (repeat with tsserv.exe for Network Basic installs)

If you need assistance in updating your system please contact us at your convenience, we would be pleased to assist you.

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