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Thoroughbred Print Options

Thoroughbred® has a number of print options and capabilities that let you print timely information in a number of formats from printers/paper, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, files, etc.

Listed below are some examples of print options depending on what the desired output is. Some are part of the Thoroughbred Environment, and others may require optional products.

For more information about TS ReportServer™, Report-IV™ to PDF, FormsCreator™ and TbredComm™, click here and refer to Windows Client Tools section.

Thoroughbred Printer Feature Options

F8 Print from a VIEW - See it in a VIEW table and print it.

F8 Print to Excel from a VIEW - See it in a VIEW table and print it to Excel, requires TbredComm.

ReportServer - Display/Save/Print Report-IV output on a windows workstation, requires TbredComm/ReportServer.

FormsCreator - Formatted printing on forms. FormsCreator is integrated with Solution-IV® Invoices, Orders, Quotes and PO's, etc.

Excel Printer - Send Report-IV output to Excel, requires TbredComm.

Report-IV to PDF (with a 3GL Wrapper option) - Save Report-IV output to a PDF file, supports background forms and UPC barcodes.

Report-IV to PDF Report sample similar to the FormsCreator above.

If you have special printer or form requirements call us. We will be pleased to guide you to the proper product for your printing requirement.

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