Solution-IV® Version 8.84 Release Notes Solution-IV® Version 8.84 Release Notes

Introduction to 8.84

The 8.84 version of Solution-IV, released early July, 2020 includes several Technical Bulletins and Enhancements.

Solution-IV version 8.84 sits on top of Thoroughbred's OPENworkshop® version 8.8.3 OPENworkshop Environment which has some of its own new features of which Solution-IV users can take advantage.

Solution-IV 8.84 Features

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor Inquiry - Added Comment field to Open Invoice View
  • Vendor Inquiry - Added Alternate Lookups, Invoice Number and Amount, for Vendor Code
  • Manual Check - Added option for Printing Manual Check
  • Monthly Check Register - Added option for sorting by Post Date
  • Invoice/Transaction Entry - Vendor Comments can now be displayed when Vendor Code is entered

Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Receipts Entry - Customer Code can now be looked up by Invoice Number or Amount
  • Parameters - New Batch Parameter added to be used as default when multiple companies are used
  • Customer Inquiry - New sorts added to AR Detail, Invoice History, Open Orders, and Purchase History views
  • Customer Inquiry - Added Charge Code field to AR Detail view
  • Customer Inquiry - Added new sort for Sales Rep to AR Detail View
  • Updating - Enhanced the message displayed when unable to update due to files/records being busy

Forms Creator

  • Alternate email - Customer Master file has new FC email file which allows for different email addresses for each document,(Order, Invoice, PO, and Statement)
  • Gift Card Balance - The balance of the gift card will now display on Invoices
  • Selector Screens - Forms Creator Printer field has been added to all form printing processes.

General Ledger

  • Financial Statements - Flag has been added to the report to allow the suppression of zero balance accounts

Inventory Control

  • Item Inquiry - Last PO Number and Last Transaction Numbers have been added to the Vendor Detail screen
  • Quick Item Entry - Item Price Class field added to entry screen
  • Transaction Detail Report - Running quantity total added to report
  • Item Listing - Option to export report to Excel added to selection screen

Order Processing

  • Point of Sales Entry - Option added to allow multiple sizes to be entered at once
  • PO Limit Tracking - New option added to track customer sales for each PO
  • Order Printing - Parameter added to ask if Order Printed Flag should be updated when partial Invoiced
  • Project Code - The field size has been increased to a length of 40 characters
  • Retail Invoice - Option added to use Items Retail price or special contract price
  • Order Entry - Option added to display price inquiry screen, List, Price Break, Contract price, Cost and Profit %. Also allows for changing percentage to calculate price
  • Rebates - New option to generate Rebate Credit for Items purchase during a specified time frame
  • Payments Restrictions - Restrictions on who can delete payment once entered
  • Point of Sales Entry - Dollar Amount discounts can now be applied
  • Order/Invoice Entry - Full Gift Card tracking added
  • Order/Invoice Entry - Warning message when user's terminal date is different than system date
  • Order Status Report - There is now a single Order Status with all the sort options from previous reports. Other enhancements added like exporting directly to Excel
  • Gross Margin Report - Gross Margin Report provides a listing of transaction lines with their Gross Margin Percentage
  • Contract Listing - This report now includes the Month to Date, Year to Date, and Last Year numbers

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order Inquiry - Menu option added to display all invoices for this Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Entry - Discount Based On field added to Summary screen
  • Purchase Order Entry - The Vendor Code can now be changed on Purchase Orders that have not been Received
  • Purchase Order Invoicing - A new parameter added to allow the Unit Cost to be updated for Non Stock items
  • Historical Transaction Report - Report can now be run for a single GL number or a range of numbers


  • Tax Tables - All Federal and State Tax Tables have been updated.

Service Contract

  • Parts Entry - Item wild card lookup added
  • Parts Entry - Notes field added

System Utilities

  • Company Copy, Rename, and Delete - A checker has been added to warn user if company already exists
  • Streamline Period End Processing - The Period End processes have been streanline to allow for faster Period End closings.
  • Updating - Messaging has been updated to give more detail as to why Update can not be processed


  • Printerpoint (Supplies) - Once the order is approved in Printerpoint the information is set to Soltuion-IV and the Order is created
  • Printerpoint (Meter Readings) - Solution-IV retrieves the meter readings from Printerpoint and the Invoices are created
  • Generic XML interface for 3rd party Apps - This generic API uses the XML dataserver to accept order information from 3rd party applications

Required and Complimentary Products

The following Solution–IV version number has been assigned to this release and it requires the following other products in order to run:

OPENworkshop Version VIP®/GWW™
8.84 8.8.3 8.8.3(optional)

For those customers interested in reviewing changes made between 8.82 and 8.83, the Release Notice will remain on the web at: