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Solution-IV's WebServices/Customer Relations Management (CRM) and e-Business module automates the sales and customer service aspects of your business. Solution-IV CRM provides Internet access to customer related information in the Solution-IV system. Quotes and Orders may be processed, Statements, Invoices and customer account information may be viewed and printed. Service calls may be requested. Orders may be tracked and more.

Solution-IV's WebServices keeps your customers in touch with your business automatically. A direct connection to their pricing, discounts and account information is provided when ordering and obtaining quotes on line, thus reducing sales cycles, improving efficiency and increasing revenues. Designed for ease of use, Solution-IV WebServices can be implemented in a very short time, and available for use by your customers immediately. e-Business is supported by providing on-line order processing, including product descriptions, pictures, correct pricing discount information. Files can be imported as required


Features supported by the Solution-IV WebServices module include:

  • Customer account information
  • Open Order status

  • Open Order Status
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  • Open Invoice research

  • Open Invoice research
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  • Order Tracking
  • Statement research

  • Statement research
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  • Order Processing
  • Quote Processing
  • Price and Item inquiries
  • Service Request with Service Contract module option
  • Printable documents
  • Can be seamlessly designed into your current Web system look and feel

Additional features can be added and modified as required or desired. Solution-IV WebServices is flexible, and configurable to you and your customers' requirements.

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Solution-IV WebServices/CRM

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